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How to figure out how to enter the ruins in Hogwarts Legacy

It’ll be one of the final steps of Poppy’s questline

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Hogwarts Legacy isn’t filled to the brim with puzzles, especially in regards to its main questline, but there are a bunch that will creep up on you. Here’s how to enter the ruins in the Bird in the Hand quest.

How to figure out how to enter the ruins in the Bird in the Hand quest

After speaking to Dorran and entering the outskirts of the ruins, you’ll be tasked with a light puzzle, straight out of a Resident Evil game. Thankfully there are only two things you need to manipulate here, and there’s one right answer.

For this puzzle, you’ll want to rotate each pillar with the Accio spell to a specific location:

  • For the outer pillar, rotate it so that it’s in the middle of the Assassin’s Creed symbol (pictured), and the key
  • For the inner pillar, Rotate it so that it’s in-between the sickle and the H (pictured), but more toward the sickle, in the double circle spot

After you rotate the pillars into the correct locations the game will pause; and will automatically trigger a cutscene that opens up the ruins. Just head in there with Poppy to finish the questline out.

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