How to save in Sons of the Forest
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How to save in Sons of the Forest

Avoid the long introduction over and over again

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Survival games are unpredictable, so learning how to save in Sons of the Forest is incredibly important. The problem is that you can’t save directly from the menu, and if you die, you’re taken straight back to the helicopter crash.

Part of the fun with Sons of the Forest is figuring out how the gameplay and environment work by simply exploring. If you want to skip those steps, on the other hand, here’s how to save in Sons of The Forest

Where to save in Sons of the Forest

Saving in Sons of the Forest
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To save in Sons of the Forest, you need to set up a tent.

You can do this in any area of the game as long as there’s a flat surface. First, you’ll want to find a stick and a cloth. Cloth can be picked up at the initial crash site. You’ll typically find it in the plastic boxes scattered throughout the island. You can pick up a stick from the ground. Go to the forest, where the snow hasn’t fallen, and look to the ground. You’ll likely find wooden sticks all over the grass, which you can also use towards making a spear.

How to build a tent

Now that you have the resources to make a tent, equip the cloth. You can equip it in the inventory menu. Press the I key to access it and then you’ll find the cloth on the top right of the bag area. Press the left mouse button to put the cloth in your hands. Find a space that’s flat (and near the trees for campfire wood) and lay it down on the ground. Now, equip the stick; you can find it in the inventory by gazing at the bottom right.

Once you have this resource in your hand, hover your character over the cloth. You’ll be able to set up a tent from the UI displayed in the game. Now, with one stick to hold the cloth up, you can save the game in Sons of the Forest by holding the E key. You can also sleep until the day or night by holding Z. If you want to gather more resources in Sons of the Forest, you may want to find a shovel as well.

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