How to reset a dungeon in Diablo 4

Time to wait

Taking yet another page out of the online multiplayer genre, Diablo 4 has tons of “dungeons” (instanced challenges) scattered around its world map. Here’s how to reset them if you’re keen on changing up a spawn, or you’re looking for gear.

Exit the dungeon with the emote wheel and wait several minutes outside

If you want to reset a completed dungeon or a dungeon in progress, you can instantly leave by using the emote wheel. Just open up the wheel and select/confirm the “leave dungeon” option, which will instantly teleport you outside like you were using a town portal.

After being whisked away back to the entrance, all you need to do is wait roughly three minutes. We’ve spoken to colleagues that have had experience with dungeons resetting with shorter wait times, but for us, that’s the most consistent time that worked for us. After that short wait you can enter the dungeon again and it will reset.

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If you’re looking for it, the “reset dungeons” button was removed in 1.0

Previously in the beta periods for Diablo 4, Blizzard implemented a handy and quick “reset dungeons” button. All you needed to do was open the world map and press it (it was nestled below the quest list) and you were good to go.

That was removed in 1.0, and there is no “reset dungeon button” anymore. Only time will tell if it’s coming back, but for now, you’ll have to reset dungeons the old-fashioned way.

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