How to reach Area Zero in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Don’t worry, it’s not behind Bill’s House

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The fabled “Area Zero” is one of the more elusive locations in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. And if you’re in search of powerful endgame Pokemon, you’ve surely seen this name appear several times.

NOTE: This guide will contain light story spoilers. If this concerns you, simply keep advancing the story and you’ll reach Area Zero eventually.

Area Zero is home to Pokemon level 55 and higher. This is also home to the vaunted Paradox Pokemon which are highly valued for their powerful stats and abilities. That said, if you’re looking to simply wander into here and catch the Pokemon you need, you’re going to have your work cut out for you.

How to unlock Area Zero

Area Zero is in The Great Crater of Paldea. When you start the game, you’ll have no way to access this zone even if you try to skip ahead to it. Area Zero won’t open until you have finished the three core story paths: Victory Road, Starfall Street, and Path of Legends.

To efficiently clear these quests, it’s best if you advance each story simultaneously. This will help you knock out low-level objectives first to power up your Pokemon and take on greater challenges. That said, don’t neglect side objectives like fighting trainer battles in each area. The Pokemon League Representative parked at many Pokemon Centers can give valuable items. You won’t want to miss these!

For a little assistance, check out our guide on the best order to fight the Gym Leaders. Team Star’s bases are guarded by Grunts, so use these opportunities to gauge your readiness for the boss fights inside. The Titan Pokemon in Path of Legends can be a bit harder to gauge, but the surrounding Pokemon usually give a decent indication. The one exception is the Quaking Earth Titan in Asado Desert, who can be challenging if you aren’t prepared. Check out guide for this specific encounter as well.

Once you have completed each of the core story paths, you will unlock a final story called “A Way Home.” This will take you into Area Zero and bring you to the game’s dramatic conclusion. Don’t worry, while your initial visit will be a little out of the ordinary, you can revisit Area Zero after the credits roll. Returning to the area afterwards is also a solid way to catch Paradox Pokemon, so perhaps just enjoy the story for now and you can worry about catching ‘em all later.

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