How to play Warcraft Rumble on PC

Sometimes, the small screen is best.

As the future of games gets closer and closer, the line between PC, console, and mobile gaming will start to get blurrier and blurrier. To expedite that process, some mobile games these days — at least ones available via Google Play — are becoming available on PC via Google Play Games.

It’s by no means a surefire solution, as some games aren’t available via Google Play Games while it’s still in beta. But — even still — fans of Warcraft Rumble are curious if it’s possible to play the game via PC, and if so, how to get it working. I understand their struggle, as someone who has trouble sitting still long enough to seriously invest in a mobile experience. So, can you play Warcraft Rumble on PC?

Can you play Warcraft Rumble on PC?

So, unfortunately, Warcraft Rumble isn’t available on Google Play Games. And unfortunately, while I did say the future where mobile and PC games will merge is quickly approaching, it’s not here quite yet. I am vaguely aware of some other methods of getting mobile games like Warcraft Rumble to work on your PC, but for the safety of everyone involved, we’re gonna abstain from saying more on that.

As of writing, it seems the easiest and best option is to just play Warcraft Rumble on your mobile device. It might not be the ideal solution, but hopefully someday soon, Activision Blizzard will release a PC port through and answer the call for this fun mobile experience to come to a significantly less mobile environment.

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