How to open Slytherin Locks in Hogwarts Legacy

They’re much simpler than they seem

Hogwarts Legacy¬†has a selection of activities and tasks that will be prevalent throughout the entire experience. Merlin Trials are a big one, as they’re quietly introduced through the main story, but open up across the entire world map: to the point where it’s going to be one of the last things you’ll do for your platinum trophy. But there are also a few puzzle concepts that are only used a few times: then are never heard from again. That includes the Slytherin Locks. Although you’ll only see them sparingly, here’s how to solve them and get them open.

Screenshot by Destructoid

Match up the symbols on the gates to the symbols on the snake

When exploring the tomb in The Shadow of the Study quest with Sebastian and Ominis, you’ll come across peculiar looking snake contraptions. As you might imagine, these are Slytherin Locks. Their solution lies within the gates scattered across the area. The simple way to approach Slytherin Locks: just match up the symbols on the lock (top and bottom) with the symbols on the gates.

As you can see in the image above, the top symbol is a fish-like icon. That’s the top symbol you’ll need to display/rotate to get for the Slytherin Lock. Repeat the process for the bottom lock (and other similar locks/gates) and you’re done!

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