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Can you still craft a Log Sled in Sons of the Forest? – Answered

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In The Forest, the log sled was an immensely useful tool to have. Regardless of where you set up camp, your supply of trees actually within the area you’re building is eventually going to dwindle, and you’ll need to bring them in from further and further away. The log sled helped reduce the number of back-and-forth trips you’d need to take, allowing you to load up a bunch of timber and take it back to your base in one trip. So how do you build a log sled in Sons of the Forest?

You can’t. At least not yet.

It’s possible that this is a planned implementation for later on in Early Access, but as of right now, there is no way to build a log sled in Sons of the Forest.

But what about the 3D-printed sled you can create from 1000ml of resin? That’s not a log sled; it’s a toboggan. Meaning, you use it on snowy hills to ride down to the bottom. It’s awesome, since it completely mitigates fall damage and helps you get places quickly, but it won’t help you get logs anywhere faster.

So, what can you do instead? Use Kelvin. There’s a command in your notebook that allows you to tell him to gather logs and place them in holders within your base. He’s probably not as fast as being able to load up a log sled, but you can at least let him do his own thing while you tend to your garden.

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