How to land on a grind rail after jumping from the bus in Fortnite

Go to Mega City

New¬†Fortnite challenges are out for Chapter 4 Season 2, and thankfully unlike the start of last season: they’re still going to be available after the week they debuted. In that case, you might be wondering how to drop from the bus and grind on a rail. The only trick is to just head straight to Mega City!

Go to Mega City and easily find a rail to grind on

For this challenge, mark anywhere that’s convenient in Mega City on the map. You’ll want to head there immediately after jumping off the bus to clear this challenge.

Within Mega City, there are a ton of railways that you can use to complete the challenge. Just drop down, then when you’re close to the city, deploy your parachute. Carefully aim downward (as slowly as possible for accuracy) and land on a rail. That’s it! The quest will immediately pop and you’ll get your XP reward.

We recommend pressing the interact button (X by default on Xbox, or Square on PlayStation) to “stick” to the rail when dropping down. You will still get the credit for “landing on a grind rail” even if you use this method.

Mega City is a perfect place to do this, as it’s large enough to avoid enemies while you’re completing challenges, and you can grab some useful items before you head to your next destination anyway. It’s also great for completing the “elevation” challenges involving shooting opponents from higher ground.

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