How to invite players to your party in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 invite players

Want to be pals?

While you’re adventuring through Sanctuary, you may want to invite players to your party in Diablo 4. Strangers online will be strolling around the world, and they can help you in battles and events. If they’re already assisting you, why not reach out and bring them to your party?

Here’s how to do just that in Diablo 4.

How to bring players into your party in Diablo 4

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To begin the invite process, press up on the D-Pad if you’re using a controller. Mouse and keyboard players should press the E key. A wheel will appear, with icons showing “Hello” and “Open Chat” on the top and bottom. Look for the “Invite to Party” option on the right side of the wheel. The icon features three players with a cross appearing above the central figure. This will send a party invite to the nearby player.

In the picture above, I invited a user named “KrispyKreme,” the master of donuts. Unfortunately, they didn’t respond, despite my need for a Sour Cream Glazed. Hopefully you’ll have more luck when you invite players in Diablo 4.

How to invite friends on Diablo 4

Saddened by the loss of KrispyKreme, you can also invite your friends in Diablo 4This time, you’ll want to head to the pause menu. Press the touchpad on the PS5, Options on Xbox, or ESC on PC. The map will then appear. Toggle over to the “Social” menu with the shoulder buttons or with your mouse. As the game supports crossplay, you’ll see all of your friends on

In addition, your platform-specific friends will appear if you press the right trigger button. You can add a friend from at any time with the triangle button (Y on Xbox). If you want to set up a party with your friends, press the Cross button and select “Invite to game” to initiate the process.

If you want to hide your ugly helmet or change your outfit before inviting them, you can certainly do that at your Wardrobe.

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