How to investigate the hotel pool in Dead Island 2

During the “Room Service for Major Booker” mission

Dead Island 2 provides helpful location markers for pretty much every core mission you’ll come across, but sometimes those markers dry up. Here’s how to investigate the hotel pool and keep the campaign moving!

Investigate the pool by interacting with three key locations

Very early in the game after getting acclimated with the mansion home base, you’ll make your way to the Halperin Hotel for the first real story mission in Dead Island 2. After clearing out the lobby of the hotel and taking out a small horde, you’ll make come across the hotel pool. There’s a fuse box here to open up for a cache of items/weapons (provided you have a fuse), and a story beat: you’ll need to investigate the hotel pool to trigger the next part of the step (which is another brawl fest).

To do that, interact with the three pieces of the puzzle that are scattered around the pool (directions are based on the player looking out at the pool upon entering the area):

  • A pipe underneath a vent on the right side of the pool (you can pour water from a blue can on the green smoke/substance to ensure the area is safe)
  • A box of Caustic X solvent on the right side of the pool
  • A pump on the left side of the pool with a corpse lying near it

All of the locations can be viewed in the gallery below. Interacting with each piece will cause a story beat to trigger, and you’ll need to fight for your life against another zombie horde.

Make sure and use the drop kick (jump, then press the right analog stick to kick) to your advantage here! Zombies can be punted into the pool, which will instantly kill them off. Orient yourself so that zombies are always facing the pool, then run and drop kick them in one after another to clear this fight quickly.

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