How to get more fuses in Dead Island 2

They’re expensive, but you can get them early

Nearly every open world game has some sort of “secret stash” location, where you can pick up boosted items to help you on your adventure. Dead Island 2 has that in the form of fuseboxes, which you’ll need (you guessed it) fuses to open. Here’s where to find them.

Fuses can be bought from NPCs, including Carlos at the start of the game

Once you make your way through the set of intro missions (full guide here), you’ll come across Carlos: who resides in the hub mansion. Speak to Carlos to open up his shop menu, then buy fuses for $1500  each.

Here’s the full description of what fuses do in-game:

“You’ll need fuses to reach the loot protected by fuseboxes scattered throughout Hell-A.”

$1500 is a hefty sum of cash for the early game, as you’ll likely scour around $1000 in total up until that point in the story. However, you can sell materials and weapons to make up the difference and open up a fusebox even near the start of the campaign. Fuses can also be found via other NPCs in the game world, but keep an eye out for Carlos’ stash, as he can get you started with a limited (replenished over time) stock.

How to use fuses in Dead Island 2

Fuse boxes can be found throughout the game world, and one of the earliest fuse boxes can be located in the pool at the Halperin Hotel (the first major zone after the mansion).

Just head over to the shutter to the right of the pool (when entering the area) at the back of the hotel, and insert the fuse. The shutter will open, and you’ll find various materials, cash, and a weapon inside. There’s a visual representation of the fuse box above!

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