How to investigate the courtyard far down the corridor in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact courtyard

At first, I thought it was bugged

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As I made my way through the core campaign of Genshin impact 3.0, I came across a quest that had me questioning whether or not my game was bugged. But it wasn’t! Here’s how to quickly get through the Genshin Impact courtyard “far down the corridor” quest.

[There are no story spoilers present below outside of the puzzle solution.]

Genshin Impact courtyard 2

Walk up to the marked quest area, and line up the symbols to get through the Genshin Impact courtyard

A few hours into the Genshin Impact 3.0 Archon (main story) questline, you’ll encounter a section that warps you away to another area. This is all part of the Through Mists of Smoke and Forests Dark portion of Chapter III, at which point you’ll encounter the “Silent Seeker of Knowledge” step.

After jumping through a series of light platforming puzzles, you’ll encounter the aforementioned “courtyard far down the corridor.” The thing is you’re not really investigating in the courtyard per se, but in the general area. You can’t go over the ledge, so step into the spot in the above image, and position your camera so that the two symbols in the background line up. The screen will change hue and doors will open on your left, allowing you to continue the quest.

Genshin Impact courtyard

It seems so simple, but sometimes not everything works out as nicely as it should. When I arrived in this area, the light indicating where I should investigate the courtyard didn’t show up. Subsequently, I tried to actually get into the courtyard and thought it was bugged. But I’ve been through enough action-platformers to eventually figure out the classic “line up the symbols with the camera” trick. And now you have too!

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