The best healers in Honkai Star Rail

Who is the best on the Path of Abundance?

Anyone team building in Honkai: Star Rail knows how crucial healers are. When facing a strong enemy, you’ll inevitably take many heavy hits. Even with a defensive unit in tow, you’ll need someone who can restore health to stay alive. That said, which healer in Honkai: Star Rail is best?

At launch, there are only two dedicated healers in the game. For most players, only one of these will be realistically attainable. Fortunately, both healers feature some powerful moves in their kits, so there is no bad option here. Let’s go over them.

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The best healer for most players: Natasha

As part of the permanent Starkissed Synchrony event, all players will receive Natasha. Once you complete the main quest “Lying in Rust,” you can claim your very own Natasha from the Travel Log. Do not ignore this!

As a free unit with very slim competition, Natasha already brings a ton of value to your team. Fortunately, she does much more than the bare minimum. Her Skill Love, Heal, and Choose is exactly what you’d want it to be. It’s strong single-target heal that leaves a healing over time effect on the target for two turns, making her very good at topping off injured allies. Additionally, Natasha’s Talent Innervation boosts her single-target healing potential even further. When an ally falls below 30% of their max HP, Natasha will heal them for 25% more health.

Fortunately, Natasha has party-wide healing in a pinch too. Gift of Rebirth, Natasha’s Ultimate, is a straightforward heal for everyone that also scales off her max HP. Obviously, you’ll need to time this strategically to maximize its effect. Still, all this put together helps Natasha cover some vital healing bases. And as a 4-Star character, you’ll likely grab multiple copies of her as you Warp for other units, which will unlock her Eidolons. Overall, almost everyone should use Natasha.

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The best healer for the luckiest players: Bailu

That said, there is technically a better healer than Natasha in Honkai: Star Rail. However, she’s a 5-Star unit with no rate-up banner, so your likelihood of grabbing her is astronomically low. For those who happen to roll her, Bailu is the best healer in the game.

Bailu’s moveset greatly resembles Natasha’s. Her Skill Singing Among Clouds similarly provides a single-target heal, except this additionally heals two random party members. This, naturally, is difficult to plan around. However, it’s a great perk if your party’s HP is low. Of course, a team in need of healing would instead want Bailu’s Ultimate: Felicitous Thunderleap. Not only will everyone receive healing, they’ll also gain a buff that will restore some health after they receive damage.

Bailu’s craziest attribute is actually hidden in her Talent. Gourdful of Elixir will automatically revive and heal an ally upon a KO. This triggers a limited number of times during battle, but it’s still an impressive boon for an already powerful healer. If you’re lucky enough to roll Bailu, definitely put her on your team.

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Honorable mention: March 7th

Unless you hit the luck jackpot, there’s a solid chance you won’t have either of the above units until a bit later in your progression. If you can’t heal your units, you can at least prevent them from taking damage. To that end, March 7th does the trick until a dedicated healer comes your way.

The tutorial does a great job of explaining how to use March 7th, so keep using her until other appropriate characters join your roster. Even then, you still may want to use March 7th to deal Ice damage or to provide more backup for your team. Use the best options available to you, and only worry about pulling for more units when the game gives you the resources to do so.

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