How to hurdle over objects in Fortnite and complete the hurdle challenge

How to hurdle over objects in Fortnite 1

Just find some fences

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Fortnite added some parkour elements to the game earlier in 2022, just in time for the “no build mode” to really take shape. That way, you can actually get up some of the more vertically-inclined sections of the map!

Fortnite chapter 4, season 1 also added hurdling animations, so here’s how to trigger them, and how to farm challenges.

Hurdling over objects is as simple as sprinting over them

In Fortnite, sprinting is governed by a small white meter above your health and shields; which you’ll use to run faster, trigger bigger jumps (much like Crackdown), or hurdle over chest-high obstacles.

One such object is a fence of any kind, including wood or stone. Just press in the left analog stick (or press shift) to sprint over/hurdle something small. You don’t need to jump, as the game will automatically handle hurdling.

How to hurdle over objects in Fortnite

Here’s an easy spot for the hurdle over 15 objects quest/challenge

Some quests in the game will task you with hurdling over objects a certain number of times. They do not need to be different objects.

You can simply find a fence, hurdle over it, turn around, and hurdle over it again. If you don’t want to look for something on your own, the map above showcases an easy spot to farm the challenge: northeast of The Citadel.

It’s generally dead, so you can farm while other players fight at The Citadel, and get your challenge done in peace.

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