Korok friends together in Tears of the Kingdom
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How to help Koroks reach their friends in Tears of the Kingdom

Friends torn apart

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The Koroks in Tears of the Kingdom are adorable creatures, and unfortunately, two friends of this kind have been separated!  To reunite them, you’ll need the Ultrahand ability and some creativity. If you finish this mini-quest, you’ll also gain two Korok seeds for your trouble. Here’s how to reunite these Koroks in Tears of the Kingdom. 

How to reunite the Koroks in Tears of the Kingdom

Moving the Korok in Tears of the Kingdom
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As you explore the area surrounding the lost Korok, you’ll find a mine cart and fans nearby. Use the Ultrahand ability to grab a fan and then attach it to the mine cart.

Now, place the mine cart (like Donkey Kong Country) on the metal tracks nearby.

Here’s something funny. The Korok themselves can be picked up with the Ultrahand ability. It’s not just items you can elevate off the ground. Place the Korok inside the cart. It seems to be resistant. However, the creature will be happy to be reunited with its best buddy.

The Koroks are back together!

Koroks in Tears of the Kingdom reunited
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Everything’s set up. Get on the mine cart and hit the fan in the back to activate it. You’ll move across the tracks. Once you’re on the other side, get out of the mine cart and grab the Korok once again with the Ultrahand ability. In front of you, you should notice some tents. This is where the second of the Koroks in Tears of the Kingdom is located.

Talk to one of the Koroks, and then you’ll get the 2 Korok Seeds. Just another 850+ to go!

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