How to heal your characters in Honkai Star Rail

How to heal your characters in Honkai Star Rail

You can’t use items in battle for some reason

Honkai Star Rail throws players into a galaxy full of various planets to explore and colorful characters to roll for. Throughout the turn-based battles you engage in, it is likely that you’ll need to heal your characters at some point.

Oddly enough, there are only a few ways to heal your characters in Honkai Star Rail. For one, even though this is a turn-based game, there is no items menu in battles. With only a few exceptions, most of your healing options exist outside of combat. Here’s what you need to know.

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Use a healer character

First off, the most reliable way to heal up your team is to use a healer character. There are a few support characters, such as Natasha and Bailu, that can heal. These characters have Skills and Ultimates that provide single-target and party-wide healing respectively. Their healing skills are the only way to recover health in the middle of a fight, but be careful. These skills use skill points, which require basic attacks to replenish.

Outside of battle, there are some characters with healing Techniques. Techniques are the limited exploration abilities. Your main character knows the “Immortal Third Strike” Technique, which provides light healing for your party. Use this to heal during lengthy dungeon runs.

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Consumable items

Another option for healing up is consumable items, such as food. You can create food in this game, much like in Genshin Impact, that will restore your party members’ health.

Note that you can only use these outside of battle. Make sure to top up between fights when necessary.

Random health pickups

When you’re in the middle of exploring dungeons, there are occasionally random breakable items that drop health pickups. The health-focused ones usually look like containers with a faint sliver of green.

Break them apart and pick up the green orbs that drop to instantly get some health back for free. They aren’t super common, though, so don’t try to rely too heavily on this method.

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Space Anchors

Space Anchors are similar to Statues of the Seven from Genshin Impact. These are fast travel points you’ll find around the galaxy. In addition, you can interact with these glowing blue travel points to gain health back for your party.

There is only so much healing that the Space Anchors can do at once before they need to recharge. Fortunately, most players shouldn’t have to worry about that limit.

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