How to heal in Dead Island 2

How to heal in Dead Island 2

Get back that health

You’ll encounter many zombies within Hell-A, so you’ll want to heal in Dead Island 2 often. There are all sorts of options available to you during your adventure. You can pick up food and gain special skills to help you gain health. Here’s how to heal in Dead Island 2. 

Methods to heal in Dead Island 2

Med Kits Dead Island 2 How to heal in Dead Island 2
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There are multiple ways to heal in Dead Island 2The main way you’ll retrieve your health is by using med kits. They’re laid around each map. They’re green, rectangular, and have a white cross on the top. Once you’ve picked up a med kit, the number will increase on the top left of the UI. It’s next to a white square with a cross on it. Your health is then symbolized by a white bar that is shown by bars.

Second, your health will naturally go up if you’re outside of battle. You can see it tick up very slowly, so if the coast is clear, you can grab a cup of tea or coffee, and come back to the game with a full health bar.

Next, you can actually regain health by picking up food from tables, cupboards, and even the ground. They’ll regain a small amount of HP in Dead Island 2, but they are useful if you don’t want to waste an entire med kit.

Skills that help you regain health

When you first select your character in Dead Island 2, there’s a character that has a useful innate skill when it comes to your HP. Fake firefighter Ryan’s Seesaw ability helps him get health back every time he knocks down a zombie. An easy way to do this is to perform a jump kick: leap into the air and then press the melee button/key to utilize the attack.

There are survivor skills that can help you along the way. You can equip them in the “Skills” section of the main menu, but unlocking them can be tricky. You’ll need to either level up or find them in the open zones (not in the open world) of Dead Island 2. For example, the “Invigorating” skill helps you restore additional health when counter-attacking, while “Rallying Cry” brings back your HP and takes away status effects for you and your allies. The “Limb Reaper” also lets you heal up by slicing off the opposing zombie’s limbs.

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