How-to guide to get you started with XNA Game Studio

Now that you know how much game makers make, perhaps you’d like to try making your own game. Apparently, Microsoft’s XNA Game Studio Express is easy enough for 10th graders to land a game on the X07 show floor, so this would be a great place for newbs to start. You’re in luck, as Ed Dunhill’s blog has laid out exactly how to get started. 

After reading this, my eyes fell into a blur and I felt a bit dizzy, but that’s why I only write about games, and it looks like the technically inclined should be able to get things running fine with these step-by-step instructions. 

Dunhill gets would-be game makers set up with the XNA Game Studio installation, talks them through XNA going on your Xbox 360 (creators’ club membership required), and even walks them through building their first game.  

Now get going! Let’s see your hit game. Be sure to put at least one Destructoid robot in it.

[thanks, AB] 


Dale North