How to get to The Map Chamber and The Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy


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Hogwarts Legacy has two key locations that you’ll be visiting a lot: The Map Chamber (where a lot of the core story moves along) and The Room of Requirement (which doubles as a story sequence and a place to hang out). Here’s how to get to both from the comfort of the Hogwarts fast travel map.

You can easily get to both The Map Chamber and The Room of Requirement through “Secret Rooms” fast travel

First things first, you need to unlock both locations through the main story. Both will be accessible a little before the mid-point in the game. Story missions typically direct you right to these areas, but after that, you’re left on your own.

To find both on the map going forward, you’ll want to open up the map screen and select Hogwarts. From there, look up in the northernmost zone for a small sun-like icon. That’s the “Secret Rooms” fast travel menu, which you’ll want to select for both of these locations.

Once you’ve selected it, you’ll be able to choose between The Map Chamber and The Room of Requirement. The Map Chamber is below Hogwarts, and is indicated by the southern-most Floo Flame fast travel spot. The Room of Requirement is near the top of a spire in Hogwarts, and can be accessed through the northern-most Floo Flame fast travel location.

After you’re done visiting these locations, you can walk out of them back into Hogwarts to get your bearings. If you wish, you can come across both of these spots naturally, so long as you know where to look. If all else fails, use the above method!

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