How to get to Argus in WoW Dragonflight

It’s not nearly as complicated as it was in the past

While Legion was a killer World of Warcraft expansion, it had a whole lot of grinding at pretty much every stage of its release.

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That’s not necessarily a bad thing as long as it’s engaging and has a justifiable reward at the end of the tunnel: and allied races were enough of a reward for some. In the Dragonflight era, it’s a lot easier to clear those out, especially the Lightforged Draenei unlock (tied to Alliance), which deals with Legion‘s Argus region. Here’s how to finish that questline quickly.

Step 1: Start the Legion storyline by heading to Dalaran

In order to get to Argus, you need to actually take part in some of the events of the Legion expansion.

You have a few options to get to Dalaran to start all this:

  • There is a portal to it in the town square of Valdrakken, right outside of the Seat of the Aspects
  • You can start the main Legion questline in your faction’s capital city, which will guide you there manually (Alliance – Stormwind 63, 72 | Horde – Orgrimmar 50, 77)
  • You can take a portal to Azsuna (the Legion region) in your capital city, then fly up to Dalaran in the sky
  • Engaging with any of the above will eventually grant you a Dalaran Hearthstone, which is a direct line to the city

Further assistance for these locations can be found in the gallery above.

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Step 2: Start the Hand of Fate questline

Previously, “Uniting the Isles” was required on at least one character, but that isn’t the case anymore. To start the questline to head to Argus, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be Level 45
  • Completed “Armies of Legionfall” (starts with Archmage Khadgar at Dalaran 69, 43)
  • Completed “Assault on Broken Shore” (the next step of Armies of Legionfall)

Khadgar will then provide you with the Hand of Fate questline, a late-expansion quest series that will take you directly to Argus. Argus will allow direct access to the Lightforged Draenei, as well as the Argus storyline.

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Step 3: Welcome to Argus

If you want the Lightforged Draenei Alliance allied race: once you’re on Argus, complete the campaign, and earn the “You Are Now Prepared!” achievement. Then go to the Stormwind Embassy (in the northern part of the city, at coordinates 54, 14) and start the Lightforged Draenei intro questline: complete that and you’re good. You do not need to grind out reputation anymore to unlock allied races.

Or, you can just partake in the Argus content. You’ll unlock a fast travel point between Dalaran’s flight path landing zone and Argus, should you ever wish to return.

It’s worth it to visit Argus just for fun, even if you started after this expansion

In case you’re curious, Argus and most of World of Warcraft Legion is a perfect place to visit, especially after you’re over-leveled and can just take it all in, stress-free. It’s one of the best expansions that Blizzard ever offered for the game and one of my personal favorite areas in Warcraft lore. If you’re waiting for weekly resets and have nothing to do, consider going on a site-seeing tour of the region!

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