How to Get the Yakaku Dogi Attire Set in Final Fantasy XIV

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Show some shoulder with this new glam

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Patch 6.3 for Final Fantasy XIV is out, dropping a bunch of new content into the MMORPG. And if you’ve seen someone looking stylish at the Aetheryte in their Yakaku Attire set, that’s new too, and we’ve made this guide to help get you your own duds.

While Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3 brings new main story and raid content, there are updates to several running side activities too. Specifically, the Tataru’s Grand Endeavor line received a new installment, which is how you acquire the aforementioned Yakaku Dogi and related attire.

Getting the actual attire isn’t hard, but you may need to knock off some pre-requisites from the Stormblood era first. So we’ll run down the basics, and then lay out a plan if you’re not fully caught up yet.

How to get the Yakaku Dogi and attire set

The Yakaku Dogi and associated garments are a reward for finishing a specific branch of Tataru’s Grand Endeavor, the ongoing side quest series for the Endwalker post-patches. The quest in Patch 6.3 is called “An Auspicious Opportunity”, and can be picked up from Mehdjina in Old Sharlayan (11.8, 9.8).

The nice news is, you don’t really need to do anything in this quest series. The Tataru’s Grand Endeavor quest line has largely been about revisiting some past story threads and talking to NPCs, and “An Auspicious Opportunity” is no exception. The merchant Hancock makes a reappearance, alongside the crew from the Four Lords quest line.

If you’re fully caught up, then you’re good to go. If you’re asking who the Four Lords are, then read on, because you may need to head back and run some content to unlock this new sidequest.

How to start the Four Lords quests

The Four Lords are a side quest line that debuted in the Stormblood era of Final Fantasy XIV. It’s a relatively short series of story beats, dungeons, and Trials, with some good content to pick up. If you need to kick this off, you’ll have to head to see Soroban in The Ruby Sea and select the blue-marked quest “An Auspicious Encounter”.

Once you’ve completed the series up through the finale, you’ll be able to take on the related event in Tataru’s Grand Endeavor. It’s worth doing, both for the cool fights and the potential drops.

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Donning the Yakaku Dogi

Whether you’ve conquered the Lords before or are just now getting to them, finishing “An Auspicious Opportunity” will net you the Yakaku glam. The set includes a headpiece, the dogi body piece, two legs options, and the geta for your feet.

Simply dump them into your Glamour options, and you’ve got a brand-new look. It’s a pretty cool set, especially with the added floral tattoos on the shoulder. Overall, the endeavor is a nice way to see some old friends and get some neat new duds in the process.

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