How to get the Shell Bell in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

How to get the Shell Bell in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Another classic/Pokemon Unite item returns

In addition to Leftovers, Shell Bell is back! The old school held item is in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and it’s very easy to pick up!

Just head to the Levincia Delibird Presents shop and buy it!

You can get the Shell Bell in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet at the Delibird Presents shop in Levincia

Levincia is slowly becoming one of my favorite cities in the Pokemon series: partially because it’s so easy to find the Delibird shop! Also, the gym test and gym itself were one of the highlights of the game for me, and it’s fun to just roam around this sparkling little city. But enough about Levincia!

To grab the Shell Bell, you’ll want to head to the northern flightpath in Levincia, and walk to the Delibird Presents shop right nearby (shown in the map in the gallery above). You can buy the Shell Bell there for 20,000 Pokedollars.

Here’s the description for the Shell Bell: “An item to be held by a Pokemon. The holder restores a little HP to itself every time it inflicts damage with an attack.” In other words, you need to hit to leech HP: self-explanatory! It’s a little different from Leftovers, which provides latent HP recovery, but you get more of it with the Shell Bell.

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