How to get the Secant Filaments in Destiny 2

No Void Warlock should leave home without them

While concerns concerns have been raised over the future of Destiny 2 following a disastrous State of the Game and a mediocre new expansion reveal, there’s still plenty for players to do. For many that could mean hunting down a build-defining piece of Exotic gear. For any Void Warlock, one of the pieces to seek is the Secant Filaments Exotic leg armor. 2022’s The Witch Queen expansion was a banger that, alongside additions like the Duality Dungeon and Vow of the Disciple Raid, offered Warlocks the new Exotic. This armor piece not only grants an impressive enhancement to gameplay but revolutionizes buildcrafting options when paired with the Void 3.0 subclass.

Traditionally, the Empowering Rift has taken a backseat in endgame content, especially compared to a Warlock’s Healing Rift counterpart. However, depending on the type of build Warlocks want to run, the Secant Filaments Exotic validates the underused alternative. The Exotic armor piece elevates the Empowering Rift by granting Devour to Void Warlocks in addition to Overload for all Guardians standing within the Rift. Devour provides a buff that gives grenade energy and healing whenever Guardians defeat foes, and Overload lets a Fireteam take care of those annoying Champions regardless of the current Artifact Mod selection.

Though the Devour buff often steals the limelight, Overload access on demand can change the game in high-level Nightfalls or any other content Champions are present. Secant Filaments’ healing, grenade recharge, and Overload Champion-stunning flexibility are well worth acquiring for any aspiring Void Warlock. But that acquisition could take quite a long time, depending on players’ expansions and the type of content they’re comfortable running.

Acquiring the Secant Filaments

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To earn a pair of Secant Filaments, Destiny 2 offers two distinct paths. Players can either get them through The Witch Queen‘s expansion story or Lost Sectors.

Option One: The Witch Queen Legendary campaign

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The first route involves embarking through¬†The Witch Queen‘s campaign, overcoming the trials of Legend difficulty, and earning your reward from Ikora in The Enclave. Although this path guarantees straightforward access, it has a drawback – a lower total stat roll on the Secant Filaments. Despite this, it offers a quick entry point into utilizing this new armor. It also paves the way for finding it as a random reward throughout the game’s other activities.

Option Two: Legendary or Master solo Lost Sectors

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Lost Sectors present more challenges but offer a more rewarding path for those seeking a Secant Filaments drop with a high stat roll. The Legendary and Master Lost Sector rotates daily, and each day restricts the Exotics that drop to one specific gear slot. This means that players will have to wait until a day when legs are the featured slot. When the stars align, and the right gear slot is on offer, Guardians will still have to complete the Lost Sector alone for a shot at an Exotic drop.

While Master difficulty alleges to provide a better chance for players to earn an Exotic upon completion, Legendary is much easier to solo. And that might translate to nabbing the Secant Filaments faster. Be prepared to face an array of additional modifiers and Champions before reaching the final chest for a chance to win the coveted armor. One important note is that when players receive an Exotic from a Lost Sector, it’s guaranteed to be one they don’t already have (still adhering to the daily featured gear slot). This means if a Warlock has already obtained the Exotic, or if multiple Exotic leg pieces are still unearned, there’s no guarantee Secant Filaments will drop.

How to farm better Secant Filament rolls

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Once Warlocks get a pair of Secant Filaments to drop, it’s up to the powers that be to decide whether players get lucky with their stat roll. If the drop players manage isn’t to their liking, there are only a few options for farming. And unfortunately, they all have their own pros and cons.

Warlocks can, of course, continue attempting Legendary or Master Lost Sectors whenever it’s leg day. Still, getting another will become much more challenging since players already have one. Other Exotic leg armor that players don’t already have will be prioritized. If players have everything, the Lost Sector Exotic will just provide luck-of-the-draw rewards among all Warlock Exotic leg armor. Thankfully, this only costs players time.

Alternatively, players can try Exotic Armor Focusing at the Tower with Master Rahool, but that will require Guardians to spend some rare currencies. Guardians can purchase a Witch Queen Armor Engram for a one in four chance at a Secant Filaments roll or spend a few more Ascendant Shards and an Exotic Cipher for a guaranteed Precision Decryption roll on the Exotic.

Witch Queen Armor Engram cost:

  • 1 Exotic Engram
  • 30,000 Glimmer
  • 1 Ascendant Shard

Secant Filaments Precision Decryption cost:

  • 1 Exotic Engram
  • 60,000 Glimmer
  • 3 Ascendant Shards
  • 1 Exotic Cipher

The final option is the most passive approach: random world drops. Randomly, enemies have a chance to drop an Exotic Engram containing any an Exotic armor piece players already have unlocked in Collections. Guardians have the least control this way, but you never know when that random Dreg will drop something sweet.

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