A new mystery Destiny 2 dungeon is out later today

Destiny 2 dungeon

At 10AM PT

“In the spirit of the new season,” a mystery Destiny 2 dungeon is coming out later today, sight unseen. It debuts at 10AM PT, and here’s the quick rundown:

“A new dungeon has arrived and yes, it definitely puts a new spin on existential crisis. Normally, this is where we reveal all sorts of new information for the TWAB readers out there, but in the spirit of this Season, we want you to experience it for the first time with a feeling of discovery. Believe us when we say that we couldn’t be more jazzed up to hear your thoughts!”

This is alongside new gear themed after the Season of the Haunted, as well as details surrounding the “Solar 3.0” rework, the Iron Banner changes, the return of the Leviathan (“the Sever game  mode challenges a team of up to three Guardians to navigate the seedy Underbelly of the derelict Leviathan to battle it out against hordes of foes to find and sever Calus’s power”), and Nightmare Containment (a free-to-play public event).

Bungie has also detailed how the scythe weapon works:

Light Attack: 
  • A horizontal slice that launches out a wide Solar projectile.
  • 4-hit combo.
  • Hitting enemies with the light-attack projectile Scorches them (30+20 stacks) and deals damage.
  • The light attack also does melee damage to nearby targets when the player swings.
Air Attack: 
  • Launches out a single Solar projectile with a cool spinning slice. Same projectile as the light attack, just with more aerial flare.
Heavy Attack: 
  • Slam the Scythe into the ground and send out a fan-shaped group of AOE flame damage.
  • Hitting enemies with the heavy attack Scorches them (50+40 stacks) and deals damage.
Scythe Perk: 
  • When you defeat enemies with the Scythe, you spawn orbs of healing Solar light that float back to you and grant Restoration +2.

Overall it seems like an action-packed season, and I should probably get on it soon.

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