Santari Khri lightsaber Jedi Survivor
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How to get the Santari Khri lightsaber in Jedi Survivor

A long lost lightsaber

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It’s not often you get to grip the weapon of a powerful Jedi, but that is the case with the Santari Khri lightsaber in Jedi Survivor. 

Once a friend of Dagan Gara, she used this weapon to reluctantly fight against his corruption. Now, many years later, the Santari Khri lightsaber in Jedi Survivor can be yours. Here’s where to find it.

Santari Khri lightsaber location
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Where to find the Santari Khri lightsaber in Jedi Survivor

The Santari Khri lightsaber is surprisingly nearby the Rambler’s Reach Outpost on Koboh. Go to the Stables and then jump up to the ledge behind it. Now, move left of your location and keep following up until you see a muddy hill. To left of it, you’ll see a small cave with spiky stalactites from above.

Make your way through and defeat all the enemies that lay your path; they should be fairly easy to deal with. Keep moving through the cave until you see black moss blocking your way in.

Roller Mine for Santari Khri lightsaber in Jedi Survivor
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How to open the path to Khri’s lightsaber

Cal tells himself that he needs to use a Roller Mine to break it. Step back outside, and you may come across some Roller Mines moving down the main pathway. If this isn’t the case, there are some Roller Mines up the path. Follow it past the muddy hill and then on the left, you’ll see a tunnel. There should be some Roller Mines in front of it.

Now, with the Roller Mine chasing you, let it follow you as you run towards the cave. Make sure the signal remains green or yellow as it tracks you. Do not pick it up, as this will cause the Roller Mine to explode. Maintain this distance until you reach the black moss. At this point, pick up the Roller Mine and then throw it at the black moss. The doorway will now be open to you, and the chest is in the room ready to be opened. Inside, you’ll find the Santari Khri lightsaber in Jedi Survivor.  

Once you have the Santari Khri lightsaber, you can then go back to any workbench and customize your weapon however you’d like. You can choose to have the entirety of Santari Khri’s lightsaber, or you may want to mix and match each piece. You can even change the blade’s color and degradation.

If you keep exploring the local area, you’ll find the Chamber of Clarity. This contains one Chest, One Essence, four Databanks, and a Treasure inside.

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