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How to complete the Chamber of Clarity in Jedi Survivor

Block by Block!

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The Chamber of Clarity is another fascinating area in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. It is the second significant chamber that players encounter, and it demands problem-solving skills to solve its puzzle. The puzzle requires the use of force powers to move blocks around, and as with any other chambers in the game, players will receive rewards upon completion.

This article aims to provide instructions on locating the Chamber and solving its puzzle using different strategies.

Chamber of Clarity location

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Getting to the Chamber of Clarity is not as complicated as you might think, considering you’ve learned the Nekko mount jump ability. The chamber is located in the Untamed Downs region of Koboh, and you can reach there quickly by fast traveling to Fort Kah’lin. Once there, you can call your mount to assist you. The entrance to the chamber is situated at a considerable height from the ground, so you will require your mount’s help to jump higher and climb up through the roots hanging on the wall. And right there you’ll find yourself at the entrance of the chamber.

Chamber of Clarity Walkthrough

When exploring the Meditation Chamber of Clarity, keep in mind that there are seven collectibles to find. These include one Chest, One Essence, four Databanks, and a Treasure, all of which are worth seeking out.

To begin, use your force power to pull the movable cube on the left below you. Take the path behind the cube where it came out from, check below, and collect the Datadisc, then wall run to reach the path in front of you. When you reach there, you’ll notice an Echo that you can interact with.

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As you continue forward, you’ll come across some more blocks. Pull out the block on your right, jump on it, then pull out another block on your left and jump on it again. Follow the path in front leading to a chest containing Unique Non-Metal Weapon Materials. After collecting it, drop down and you’ll find yourself back at the entrance of the chamber.

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Moving forward again, you’ll see another block on your right that’s a bit tricky to maneuver. Pull it first, and once it starts coming towards you, push it back and quickly climb on the roots attached to the block. This will lead you to an area where you’ll see another large block on your right. Pull it, making sure to interact with the Echo from where it came out, and time it to hit the previous block.

Once the blocks are aligned, climb on them and look for a circular entrance. Use your air dash ability to reach the entrance and follow the path around until you find another Echo.

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Now you’re back where the blocks are aligned, so climb on them again and look for another circular entrance on your left. Jump to reach it and sense another Echo in front of you. Look back and pull both blocks to where they were originally, then climb on the block going back to the first room where you came from. Jump to the platform in front, take your perk, and consider your mission accomplished.

For those seeking more challenging puzzles, we suggest taking a look at our guide on the Bygone Settlement puzzle.

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