How to get the Minimalist Trophy/Achievement in Resident Evil 4 remake

Sometimes Less Is More

Resident Evil 4 is a notable entry in the series, as it is the first title to more heavily embrace action elements. With that comes a wider array of weapons for Leon Kennedy to blast foes with. Although players will want to try them all out, Resident Evil 4 Remake rewards gamers who set up challenges for themselves and choose to hone their skills over packing the most powerful weapons. To get the Minimalist Trophy/Achievement in Resident Evil 4 Remake, a little forethought is necessary, but it is certainly not an impossible task.

What Does the Minimalist Trophy/Achievement in Resident Evil 4 remake Require?

Whether it’s PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, the requirements to pop the Trophy or Achievement remain the same. To get the Minimalist Trophy/Achievement in Resident Evil 4 Remake, players need to complete the campaign using only handguns and knives. This excludes specific battles that force players to use other weapons. At first, this challenge may seem daunting, but even with the restrictions, players are still left with many options. In addition to Leon’s default SG-09 R, players can unlock the following handguns:

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It should be noted that while magnums may appear to be handguns, they are placed in their own category, and you cannot use a magnum if you are trying to complete the Minimalist challenge. It may be easy to forget that any type of grenade will also invalidate your run, so steer clear of those as well. Don’t throw eggs either. There are also a few knives that Leon can collect in addition to his default Combat Knife. This includes the following:

  • Kitchen Knife
  • Boot Knife
  • Fighting Knife

Though knives may seem useless at first, they come in handy when Leon is taken by surprise and needs to deal with enemies that are right on top of him. However, they have limited durability and need to be repaired or replaced.

Tips For Getting the Minimalist Trophy/Achievement in Resident Evil 4 Remake

If you’re interested in completing this challenge, it’s probably not best to attempt it on your first playthrough of the game. Instead, just enjoy Resident Evil 4 Remake first and focus on easier to acquire Trophies or Achievements. Attempting the challenge in Newgame+ allows you to start the campaign with guns you’ve upgraded from your previous run, making things much easier. Without powerful shotguns to help you out, the game will be much harder, so consider dialing down the difficulty to Assisted when you start your Newgame+.

The pesky problem of knife durability can also be overcome, making the Minimalist challenge even easier. To do this, players need to destroy all 16 of the Clockwork Castellans found in the campaign. After that, the Primal Knife can be purchased from the Extra Content Shop for 1, 000 CP. Once players grab the knife from the storage box and fully upgrade it, they will have a blade with infinite durability.

Lastly, players should invest in Charms for the Attache Case, as these provide plenty of useful perks. The ideal Charms for a Minimalist run include the Cute Bear which decreases the gunpowder needed for crafting ammo, Soldier with Hammer which grants a 20% increase in handgun ammo craft bonus frequency, and Ashley Graham which grants a 50% increase in health recovery for green herbs.

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The big guns certainly have their place, but handguns in Resident Evil 4 Remake are also special. They are reliable all-purpose weapons that can be pulled out in almost all scenarios to stop or at least halt an attacking foe. Though it may be fun to grab a rifle and spray and pray, attempting the Minimalist challenge is great for players who want to sharpen their marksmanship and resourcefulness.

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