How to get the Heartshadow sword and Catalyst in Destiny 2

Anyone can be invisible with a big swing

Though the in-game universe of Destiny 2 is ever-expanding, there are always threads pulling Guardians back toward the past. Whether that’s because of a player’s desire to experience old narrative, chase accolades, or even just hunt down an elusive piece of loot. One such prize is the Heartshadow Exotic sword and its catalyst, found exclusively within a Dungeon from 2022’s The Witch Queen expansion. While the Exotic sword, The Lament, is infamous for its Crota-slapping power, Heartshadow offers tricksy Guardians a means to become invisible and an accompanying damage buff to boot.

While the early years of Destiny 2 were infamously “sunset,” Bungie has gotten better about keeping significant pieces of content accessible. Which is good because players will need to dive into a Dungeon from the Season of the Haunted for a shot at Heartshadow. The highlight of Season of the Haunted was the “Duality” Dungeon, a foray into Calus’ psyche before he solidified his transformation into a Disciple of the Witness. The Dungeon itself was fraught with dangers, even culminating in a battle against a Nightmare version of the current leader of the Cabal, Empress Caiatl. However, it’s in players’ best interest to master the content, as the key to both the Exotic’s acquisition and its empowering catalyst lie within its forlorn halls.

What does the Heartshadow Exotic sword do?

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Heartshadow is a formidable Exotic sword that can redefine how players approach a Void build. It has the capability to ramp up damage, grant invisibility, and fire Void projectiles at enemies. Once the catalyst is thrown into the mix, Heartshadow makes Guardians a speeding invisible force to be reckoned with.

  • Jagged Edge: A flat increase to the damage the sword can do at the cost of ammo reserves.
  • Burst Guard: Heartshadow comes with a high Guard Resistance but trades out Guard Endurance. This means the blade dramatically reduces incoming damage while guarding, but the action cannot be maintained very long.
  • Shot in the Dark: Utilize invisibility to temporarily ramp up the sword’s damage. Moreover, targets hit with the weapon’s projectiles while this buff is active will find themselves weakened.
  • Exhumation: Heavy attacks with full sword energy make the user invisible and simultaneously fire Void projectiles that explode upon impact.
  • Wraithwalk (catalyst): Grants increased movement speed while Guardians are invisible.

How to get the Heartshadow Exotic sword

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To claim the Heartshadow, players will need to triumph over the Dungeon’s protectors and, eventually, the Nightmare of Caiatl. That said, there’s no guarantee Guardians will earn the weapon their first time through. Heartshadow is a random drop, and it could take quite some time before a player makes their lucky run.

Thankfully, Bungie added a way for players to enhance their chances of obtaining this coveted drop. There are several Triumphs related to the Dungeon that, when completed, increase the chances that the Exotic will appear. Of course, Guardians can expect the best luck by completing as many of the Triumphs below as possible.

  • Master Thoughtstealer: Navigate through the Duality Dungeon on Master difficulty.
  • Mind Heist: Locate and recover all twelve Repressed Memories scattered throughout the Dungeon.
  • Solo Thoughtstealer: Demonstrate prowess by completing every encounter in the Duality Dungeon alone.
  • Perfected Thoughtstealer: Complete the Duality Dungeon solo without suffering a single death.

How to get Heartshadow’s catalyst

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Upon securing Heartshadow, Guardians will still need to venture through the Duality Dungeon at least one more time before they’ll be able to unlock the weapon’s full potential through its catalyst. Players must locate three Nightmare adversaries and plant their dropped Standards on ornate plates scattered throughout the Dungeon. 

Standard 1

The Nightmare of Ka’nok is located in the exact same place as the second Repressed Memory. This is found through a side passage while heading toward the second bell. Once in the Nightmare realm, face Ka’nok and secure the first Standard. Carry this prize to its designated plate, positioned just behind the bell players used to leave the Nightmare realm.

Standard 2

The next adversary, the Nightmare of Regor, awaits within the jumping puzzle that follows the first boss. After activating the first switch, confront the Nightmare spawning on the opposite platform. Once the second Standard is secured, carefully continue along until the statue puzzle is reached. The destination plate is in the Nightmare realm, mirroring the secret chest location in the normal realm.

Standard 3

The final hurdle is the Nightmare of Hou’dal, lurking in the Nightmare realm just before the fight against the Nightmare of Caiatl. This Nightmare emerges as you navigate between narrow rafters, spawning in a room accessible through a righthand doorway just before players exit the area. Acquire the third Standard, leave the Nightmare realm, and return to the rafters to encounter some Cabal. A plate awaits to receive the Standard, spawning a chest that bestows the coveted catalyst.

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