How to Get the Goldtusk Sword in Destiny 2

More Exotic than a proper Exotic.

Bungie’s got an odd habit of keeping some of Destiny 2‘s coolest-looking loot either removed from the rotation of available content or outright sunset, and we’re sorry to report that the legendary Goldtusk sword from the days of the original Menagerie falls into this category of weapons, too. It’s not all bad, though, because you certainly can still farm Goldtusk: it’s just that the process won’t be made easy for you.

Goldtusk, in particular, is a curious example of one of the few class-specific weapons in Destiny 2. Indeed, this sword is exclusive to Hunter Guardians, and therefore cannot be earned or used by Warlocks and Titans, who have their own exclusive swords to compensate (Eternity’s Edge and Throne Cleaver, respectively). What makes Goldtusk so interesting is that it’s got an (almost) unique stance and attack moveset, and it’s far lighter and smaller than most other swords in the game. It’s not hard to see, then, why people would be interested in getting one!

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Can you unlock Goldtusk in Destiny 2 Season 23?

The good news is that, yes, you can still get a Goldtusk for your Hunter Guardian, even in Season 23. It’s not going to be a sunset version of the weapon, either, and its Perks and damage output will be competitive with all the other gear that’s been coming out as of late. As the weapon was brought back into the active loot rotation in Season 21 (the Season of Defiance, specifically), it’s still locked behind it. In other words, you cannot get the Goldtusk if you don’t buy Season 21, and you cannot buy Season 21 as a standalone purchase anymore.

Instead, the only way to earn Season 21 loot moving forward is to purchase the Lightfall DLC’s Annual Pass offering and get all of its seasonal content (both prior and future) in one fell swoop. It’s not necessarily a bad deal if you’re looking to play Destiny 2 for a while, granted, but it’s hardly affordable, for sure.

How to get the Goldtusk after buying the Lightfall Annual Pass?

After you’ve splurged on Lightfall‘s Annual Pass, you’ll be able to grab the Season of Defiance’s artifact, the Ascendant Scepter, from the HELM’s War Table. Once you have the Scepter in your hands, simply playing various Destiny 2 activities will occasionally award you with a Defiant Engram which can then be focused specifically into a copy of the Goldtusk sword.

All of this makes Goldtusk a tricky item to get for those who haven’t already had it from Season 21, and players who were hoping simply to add a cool new sword to their Destiny 2 inventories might have better luck with one of the Exotics. Like, say, the snazzy Void Heartshadow sword and its Catalyst!

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