How to get the fuel and escape the fish farm in the Resident Evil 4 remake

There’s more than fish in this farm

I don’t know why, but the fish farm zone in Resident Evil 4 is burned in my memory. Maybe I’ve been bitten by one too many snakes there (in VR no less!), but my recollection of this zone is clear: it’s chaos. Here’s how to navigate it in the RE4 remake.

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Head into the fish farm and make your way to the back corner to get the boat fuel

After you enter the zone, you’ll stumble and fall down into the fish farm: something Leon isn’t happy about. You can either methodically take down enemies for loot/money, or head straight to the fuel that you need to start the boat. If you’re low on supplies, we recommend doing the latter strategy.

You’ll want to run toward the back end of the fish farm until you locate a large shack. Enter the shack and grab the gas can. We’ve highlighted the fastest route on the map above (and the safest), with plenty of room to dodge enemies.

Screenshot by Destructoid

After getting the fuel, exit the shack and climb the ladder to the right

Get the fuel and a few other items in the shack, then exit and head outside. Look to the right: climb that ladder and keep following the large walkway until you reach the end. Look ahead right in front of you to that other platform: that’s where you’ll need to go to escape the fish farm and end back up at the large moat (where you’ll use the fuel).

Drop down, then run up the ramp and veer right. Keep following the walkway to the ladder, climb it, then use the path to escape the fish farm. You did it!

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