How to get the Collective Obligation Exotic pulse rifle in Destiny 2

Void Exotic pulse rifles for everyone

Collective Obligation is a Void Exotic pulse rifle in Destiny 2 that Guardians will need to work a little harder than usual to obtain. The gun was added during The Witch Queen expansion in year five and features a polished and streamlined design. Collective Obligation takes up the Energy weapon slot and comes with a curated roll. Arrowhead Brake increases handling speed and reduces recoil, whilst Flared Magwell increases reload speed and stability. Hand-Laid Stock also contributes to increased stability.

Collective Obligation will also automatically reload when Guardians gain Devour, which is a Void buff or become invisible. This is thanks to its intrinsic Exotic perk, Umbral Sustenance. Another intrinsic trait is Void Leech, which means that the weapon will absorb Void debuffs when damaging targets that are suppressed, weakened, or volatile. Guardians can then long press their reload key to switch firing modes to shoot out those debuffs and apply them to other enemies. Linking these effects together provides an almost limitless train of leeching and applying Void debuffs to enemies and for those sneaky Hunters who love to be invisible, the gun will be constantly reloading itself.

But where can I get it?!

Guardians must form their strongest fireteam of six and head into the Vow of the Disciple raid. Get your best guides ready, because this is a long raid with complicated symbols to remember and communication is imperative to succeed. Collective Obligation has a chance to drop from the final reward chest in Vow of the Disciple, meaning that getting it is entirely reliant on RNG. With a good enough raid team, when Vow of the Disciple enters the weekly raid rotation it is farmable and as such, for a whole week, your fireteam will have unlimited attempts at adding this fun weapon to your loadout.

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