How to get the Ascendant Scepter seasonal artifact In Destiny 2: Lightfall

Just finish the first quest of Lightfall

Another season, another seasonal artifact. Well, another expansion, actually! Destiny 2: Lightfall is live, and it’s time to pick up your free Ascendant Scepter. Here’s how to get it, and what perks it entails.

You’ll pick the Ascendant Scepter up from Nimbus after the first Lightfall story mission

After logging into Destiny 2: Lightfall, you’ll choose a character, difficulty setting, and you’ll immediately be thrown into the first mission of the story: First Contact. You’ll need to beat this to get your seasonal artifact.

The mission lasts roughly 20-30 minutes, depending on player speed, and factoring in cutscenes. Afterward, you’ll enter the new hub zone on Neptune, and will spawn at Strider’s Gate. Speak to the NPC Nimbus (pictured in the gallery above) to get your Ascendant Scepter.

All Perks for the Ascendant Scepter

Level 0 (more power for primaries)

  • Anti-Barrier Pulse Rifle
  • Piercing Sidearms
  • Overload Bow
  • Unstoppable Scout Rifle
  • Overloaded Auto/SMG

Level 3 (armor energy cost of all armor mods are discounted)

  • Authorized Mods: Solar
  • Authorized Mods: Strand
  • Authorized Mods: Void
  • Authorized Mods: Grenades
  • Multi-Siphon Mods

Level 5 (unique abilities)

  • Shatter Orbs
  • Defiant Armory
  • Untangler
  • Solar Surge
  • Volatile Flow

Level 7 (unique abilities)

  • Bricks From Beyond
  • Flare Up
  • Origin Hones
  • Allied Unraveling
  • Counterweave

Level 10 (unique abilities)

  • Threaded Blast
  • Rain of Firebolts
  • Void Weapon Channeling
  • Medieval Champion
  • Prismatic Transfer

All descriptions are visible in the gallery above.

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How to reset the Ascendant Scepter seasonal artifact

To reset your Ascendant Scepter perks, preview the artifact on the gear screen, and scroll to the “reset artifact” button on the bottom.

This action will refund your unlocks, at the cost of Glimmer (the first hit is 11,000).

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