What do you get for finishing the Destiny 2: Lightfall campaign on Legendary difficulty?

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Destiny 2: Lightfall launches with two distinct difficulty settings: Classic (Be Brave), and Legendary (Become Legend_. Here’s a breakdown of both, and what you get for completing the latter.

Here are the rewards for finishing the Destiny 2: Lightfall campaign on Legendary difficulty

As soon as you boot up Destiny 2: Lightfall, you’ll select a character. Afterward, you’re greeted with the screen above, which allows players to choose between Classic and Legendary difficulty. There are no other choices, and there is no in-between.

Here are the rewards you’ll get for finishing Destiny 2: Lightfall on Legendary difficulty:

  • Exotic Armor
  • Gear Bundle (1700 Power)
  • Upgrade Module +8
  • Strand Meditations +300

To earn these bonus rewards, you’ll need to finish the entire Lightfall campaign.

Should you pick Legendary difficulty first?

If you generally find Destiny 2 campaigns easy, and consider yourself a hardcore raider/Destiny player, yes. It’ll save you tons of time gearing up (especially for Nightfalls and the raid) if you just get a ton of extra gear upfront, and will eliminate grinding for higher power.

You could also just start the campaign on Legendary and decide to go back if things are getting tough.

You can replay the campaign on Legendary, or swap down to Classic

Both difficulties are “swappable.” That means you can start the game on Legendary, decide that you’re outmatched/too frustrated, and swap down to Classic.

Or, you can play through on Classic difficulty, and ratchet up the difficulty if you’re finding things too easy, or you just want to replay the campaign all over again. While at one point Destiny campaigns weren’t replayable, Lightfall (and other activities) will allow you to revisit them.

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