How to get Sparks of Life in WoW Dragonflight

How to get Sparks of Life in WoW Dragonflight

You’ll want to pick this up to start your week, then cruise through it

You’ve seen it before: the dreaded weekly “collection” quest in MMOs. WoW: Dragonflight has them too, and that includes Sparks of Life farming. Here’s what they do, and how to collect them.

Step one: Pick up the weekly quest

In a roundabout way, the Sparks of Life questline will provide you with Trophies of Strife (among other rewards), which in turn can be used to acquire PVP gear. That’s their main purpose. The questline for Sparks of Life can be acquired after finishing the main Dragonflight storyline. It’s considered a postgame event.

There are two options to kick things off, from the NPC Keenu in Valdrakken (location in the image above, at coordinates 42.7, 40.4):

  • Sparks of Life: The Azure Span
  • Sparks of Life: Ohn’ahran Plains

Step two: Earn them by doing most regular activities

You will need to be in War Mode to collect Sparks of Life: it’s important to know that right off the bat.

Your job is to earn 200 Sparks of Life in the accompanying locations through the following methods:

  • World PVP
  • World Quests (finite)
  • Killing rare mobs
  • PVP supply chests
  • Disturbed dirt pile looting
  • Expedition Scout Pack scouring

After you have enough, turn the quest back in for your reward.

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