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Minecraft Legends Redstone

Have someone else get it for you

The mining element in Minecraft Legends is a core part of the real-time strategy game. While you aren’t required to pick at everything around you as you do in Minecraft, you still need materials to build defenses and create your little Spawner army. Redstone is one of those resources, along with Stone, Wood, Coal, Iron, and Diamond. Here’s everything you need to know about the rare red cubes and how to start gathering them.

What is Redstone?

Redstone in Minecraft Legends is a little more limited as a resource than it is in Minecraft. The red cubes can be found in small pockets in swamp and jungle biomes, including several nice caches near one of the villages you need to protect. Finding one of these pockets in a pinch is frustrating at first, especially with a limited carrying capacity, but it does get a little easier. You can send your Allays to do the actual gathering, though!

While there aren’t a ton of crafting items that require Redstone, you can use it to build the Redstone Launcher, a powerful advantage when you’re trying to bring down the Piglin Hordes. Eventually, you can also use it to spawn Zombies.

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How to Gather Redstone

At the very beginning, you cannot. In order to have the Allays mine it for you, first you have to activate the Improvement at the Well of Fate. Taking down Piglin establishments gets you rewards like Gold and Prismarine, which won’t just be lying around. It may take some time to gather enough of these things at first, but once you do, make your way to the Well of Fate.

Once there, toggle to your Improvements hotbar. If you don’t have Improvement: Gather Redstone there, you will have to add it by going to your songbook. As soon as that is complete, you will have the option to send your Allays to mine Redstone as you come across it, and it may even be included in chests you open in villages. Your initial cap is 150 Redstone. If you activate another “Improvement: Gather Redstone,” you will be able to carry +150 more, for a total of 300.

Honestly, that’s all you need to know about Redstone in this game. For the most part, you want to gather this resource to build more than one Redstone Launcher before crawling all over the map for more. As far as spawning your army, you only need two Redstone, in addition to 25 Wood and 25 Stone, to spawn Zombies. In that case, Lapis is a much more valuable resource.

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