How to get Prototype Stasis Module Dead Space Remake (2023)

It’s part of a side mission, so you might miss it

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Every single upgrade you can get in Dead Space is useful, particularly for folks who are taking on the New Game+ adventure (unique for the remake). Here’s how to get the Prototype Stasis Module, which will help quite a bit when taking down some more elite enemies.

Get the Prototype Stasis Module in Chapter 6

First up, you’ll need to take part in the Tissue Sample questline in the Dead Space remake to gain access to the Prototype Stasis Module.

We have a full guide on that process here, but here’s a quick rundown:

  • Get to Chapter 6
  • Pick up the Tissue Sample on the ground after defeating the hunter in the previous chapter
  • Select the “Scan Tissue Sample” side mission and navigate to the end point, where you’ll scan the sample

From there you’ll eventually work your way to the Hydroponics room, where you can loot the Prototype Stasis Module.


The first step in the process is going to the Intensive Care Unit and watching the hologram.

The quest is called “Find Harris’ ICU Bed.” Interact with the screen in front of the glass medical bay, and watch the cutscene unfold.

The next step: you’ll need to investigate the Ore Storage Room. You’re required to progress to Chapter 7 to get mining deck access, so if you’re trying to do it right after you acquire it in Chapter 6, hold off.

At the very start of Chapter 7, just walk through the door and you’ll be right next to the mining facility. Go to the ore storage room (just a few minutes away from the start of the zone) and listen to the recording.

You’re almost there! Next, go back to the bridge (using the tram) and listen to yet another report. This report is located in the northern portion of the large Main Atrium area, on a computer screen. Interact with it.

The guidance system does not pinpoint exactly where the report is, so use the above gallery for assistance.


Finally, you’re going to be heading to Hydroponics (take the tram again). Go into the main area then head to floor 2, then to the room where the Prototype Stasis Module is located (on a table). That’s it!

You’ll get the Prototype Stasis Module as well as the achievement “Final Regeneration.”

Screenshot by Destructoid

What is the Prototype Stasis Module used for outside of the Final Regeneration achievement?

In short, it instantly upgrades your Stasis (psychic freeze) ability to completely stop enemies (and damage them to boot). This is a huge buff, as enemies could slowly walk/strike at you before, and now they’re utterly frozen in place, allowing you to more easily surgically strike at their appendages, or get out of the way.

Everyone’s playstyle is different, but using Stasis often is a great tool to make use of in your toolkit. It can help conserve ammo, as you don’t need to fight every enemy (even fast ones): just Stasis them and move on. This is especially critical in areas with free Stasis recharge stations on the wall, as you have no fear of “wasting” your precious Stasis meter.

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