Dead Space remake: How to unlock the secret alternate ending

Dead Space alternate ending

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There’s a quite a bit that Electronic Arts’ Motive studio added to Dead Space with its remake. Though the bones of Dead Space remain the same, the way it all plays out has been shifted around and modified for this new version. This also includes a new alternate ending that’s certain to pique the interest of long-time Dead Space aficionados.

Getting this alternate ending is no simple task, though. It can only be done on New Game Plus, meaning you’ll need to finish the Dead Space remake at least once. Once you boot this up, you’ll be greeted with a screen explaining it all to you and teasing the potential of more discoveries.

The main collectable for the Dead Space alternate ending is Marker fragments. There are 12 of them scattered around the USG Ishimura in New Game Plus, and you’ll need to collect all of them and complete an additional task to lock in the new ending. We’ve tracked down all the collectibles, both on the main path and a little off, and put together a little guide for finding Isaac’s new epilogue. (Spoilers for Dead Space remake will follow, of course.)

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Marker Fragment 1: Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control

This one is right on the beaten path, almost directly next to the key item you’re retrieving for the tram repairs. You might need to give the papers around it a little bump with your fist or shot with your Plasma Cutter, but Marker #1 is a fairly easy find.

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Marker Fragment 2: Medical

You’ll find Marker #2 in Kyne’s office, as teased by the hologram. Use your Kinesis to move the bookshelf out of the way and find a secret room with some questionable décor, and also your prized second Marker Fragment.

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Marker Fragment 3: Engineering

I’m using a map screenshot for this one because it’s a bit tricky to get to. The third Marker Fragment is probably one of the more easily missed, as it’s in the Engine Room, tucked away in a corner I wouldn’t have expected to look at. Use the map guidance to get there, and pick it up either before starting the fight sequence or after. It’s fine if the engines are burning already; I picked up the Fragment myself after turning the engines on, and my Isaac didn’t get too crispy.

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Marker Fragment 4: Bridge

You’ll find the fourth Marker Fragment in the Break Room, as you’re taking on the Bridge section. It’s very easy to find, as it’s just watching its much-larger inspiration on the television.

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Marker Fragment 5: Medical

Forgive the unpleasantness, but Marker Fragment #5 is in Mercer’s little lab, alongside some very uncouth experiments. Again, if you’re exploring along the main path, this should be an easy one to find. And hopefully you won’t need to come back, because it’s a little gross, even for Dead Space.

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Marker Fragment 6: Medical

The sixth Marker Fragment is another one of the more easily missed ones, as it’s tucked away in Cryogenics. This is the arena where Dr. Mercer taunts you and then sends the Hunter after you, resulting a chilling victory for Isaac Clarke. After you’ve done the fight, or maybe while Mercer is monologuing, you can spy the Marker Fragment on top of the cryo chamber in the center of the arena.

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Marker Fragment 7: Hydroponics

This might win the award for most-difficult-to-find. You’ll find the seventh Marker Fragment in the East Grow Area of Hydroponics, as you’re jabbing the wheezing gas monsters with some enzyme. You’ll need the gravity off for this one, but just head to where you took out the gas-bag on the fourth floor and you should find it floating.

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Marker Fragment 8: Mining

This is in the area where you have to dump the weird-looking glowing rocks into the flaming fume. Most players probably fondly remember turning off the gravity and bringing up the bridge, only to be ambushed on both sides by necromorphs. Anyways, double-back after you’ve picked up Security Clearance Level 3 and open the Mineral Samples room to find Marker Fragment #8.

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Marker Fragment 9: Communications Hub

Ah, back to the easy Marker Fragments. This one is in the big Comms Array dome, placed snugly inside the giant flesh pit next to the array display. This is easy enough to pick up after you’re done with some pipe-puzzle solving.

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Marker Fragment 10: Crew Quarters

You’ll find the tenth one in the Deluxe Shift Bunks, over on a desk next to some more graffiti. It’s a side room, but it should be easy enough to pick up on your way between taking out some tendrils.

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Marker Fragment 11: Crew Quarters

We have a second one in the Crew Quarters, but another easy find. Pick this up after your conversation through the glass with Kyne. It’ll be sitting in front of you as you walk in. Almost like it… wants to be found?

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Marker Fragment 12: Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control

For the last Marker Fragment, we head back to the hangar. You’ll actually be dealing with the real marker this time, engaging the Cargo Crane to move it along. But before you do that, make sure to pick up the last fragment and cross it off your to-do list.

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How to get the alternate ending in Dead Space remake

Once you’ve assembled all 12 Marker Fragments, hop on the tram and head back to the captain’s quarters in the Crew Quarters section of the USG Ishimura. You’ll know it by the creepy table with a mini-marker and, wouldn’t you know it, 12 spots!

Accept the prompt, and you’ll be put on the track for the alternate ending. From here on out, just finish the Dead Space remake like you normally would. After taking out the final boss and hopping on the shuttle, you’ll be treated to a slightly different ending than the original. It’s a neat nod to what’s to come for Isaac in Dead Space 2, and also a bit of reaping-what-you’ve-sowed. Enjoy!

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