How to get Perfect Taste in the Destiny 2 The Dawning Event

How to get Perfect Taste in the Destiny 2 The Dawning Event

You might already have perfect taste

The Dawning event is once again upon us in Destiny 2, and that means treats, goodies, and…grinding out recipe ingredients. Perfect Taste is one of the reagents you’ll be hunting for, and it’s really easy to find: so long as your aim is up to par!

Perfect Taste can be acquired through precision shots

Precision shots on enemies have a chance to yield Perfect Taste materials. Extra critical damage in Destiny is called a “precision shot.” Typically this is done via shooting an enemy’s head, but depending on the encounter, the character model might have a weak spot on another part of their body. How you’ll accomplish this all comes down to personal taste and playstyle.

I’m keen on the rifle approach, as I can hit tons of precision shots from afar with the best aim of any other weapon type. As is the case with all ingredients in The Dawning, you could equip an exotic weapon that’s perfectly suited to the grinding at hand. Once you’re ready to grind out a new ingredient, you can equip a new exotic. Any area will due so long as The Dawning event is underway. Pick any area that’s heavily populated with enemies: any of your favorites will do.

You can spend Perfect Taste to create Lucent Crunch and Gentleman’s Shortbread.

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