How to get more ammo in Redfall

How to get more ammo in Redfall

Get loaded up

It’s important to get more ammo in Redfall. Like most first-person shooters, you’ll need a variety of guns to succeed. For the lesser minions, a pistol will do just fine, but with tougher vampires, you’ll need a quality shotgun or assault rifle. You’ll likely run out of ammo during some encounters. Therefore, here’s some tips on how to get more ammo in Redfall. 

Stocking up on more ammo in Redfall

Ammo in Redfall
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Every safehouse you find will carry limited ammunition after finishing the first quest of the game, in which you go to two wrecked helicopters. At the crate, you can reload your ammo in Redfall, but you’ll likely want to find more safehouses along the way. They’re fast-travel locations, but they also hold more ammo for your characters.

In addition, you can pick up ammo from enemies. When you defeat cultists or vampires, they will drop ammo of a random kind. Keep looking at the ground for anything that’s dropped. You can acquire ammo in Redfall by searching the neighborhood’s houses and other buildings around the area. Stay clear of the red mist while doing this, however.

Browse your character’s skill tree

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Each character has their own skill tree you can upgrade as you level up. One of the first skills you want to unlock is Long Gunner, which I use when it comes to the character Layla. It will give her additional storage for both assault rifle and sniper rifle ammo. Use a pistol or a shotgun? No worries. You should unlock Bandoliers I skill instead. These skills can then be further upgraded to Long Gunner II and Bandoliers II. Your decision on which skill to upgrade should depend on which weapons you prefer.

If your ability is offensive like Layla’s Umbrella is, that’s another great way to save ammo in RedfallJust use a move like Umbrella instead.

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