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How to unlock safehouses in Redfall

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Danger lurks around every corner in Redfall, so it’s nice to have a little getaway where the floating, fanged ghouls can’t get to you. For this and more, there are Safehouses, Redfall‘s home away from home.

Safehouses play a pretty crucial role in Redfall. They are fast-travel points, letting you get around the map and closer to objectives without traversing through too many dangerous areas. They also have areas for restocking ammo, the occasional medkit, and once security’s been bumped up, can offer some utility tools like lockpicks. Safehouses also hold the key to some activities you’ll need to finish, to take on some of Redfall‘s biggest challenges.

How to find safehouses in Redfall

The first step to getting your Very Own Safehouse is to find said safehouse. These will usually pop up with an icon on the map, shaped like a little house, with a lock over it. Each highlighted neighborhood has a safehouse that you can find and secure.

Here’s an example from the second area in Redfall, of an unlocked safehouse as it appears on the map:

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Once you get to the safehouse, it will be “out of order”. Often, this means that there are some bad guys nearby. They could be vampires, cultists, or more private military jerks. Whoever it may be, they’ll need to be dispatched with before this house becomes a home.

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Once anything that stands between you and suburban comfort has been, ahem, dealt with, you can move on to Step 2: Activating the Safehouse.

How to unlock a safehouse in Redfall

Every safehouse has UV lights for protection, and these will be your telltale signs for getting the generator back online. Just follow the yellow cord from any nearby UV floodlight that’s turned off, and you’ll soon find your generator.

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Once you’ve located the generator, which may or may not present some problems of its own, it’s time to get the house online. Give the key a twist, and the generator will kick back on. Full warning: some safehouses will require you to find the key for the generator too, so be ready to cruise around and look for a keychain if one’s not already in the generator. In my experience, they’ll usually be in some sequestered area that screams “video game objective in here,” or near a tougher-than-usual enemy.

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Once the generator is rolling, hop into your safehouse and enjoy your newfound solace. From here, you can restock on ammo and pick up supplies, as well as start tackling the side missions for this neighborhood. You’ll want to do those, as the campaign will eventually require you to have some vampire underboss skulls on hand. Don’t worry, it’s mostly sanitary.

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