How to get Moon Stones in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

You only “need” one!

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Moon Stones aren’t a big problem in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, because you only truly need one of them! In case you require more, here’s where to find them.

What do Moon Stones do in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Moon Stones allow certain Pokemon to evolve to another type. If you have an eligible Pokemon available, just select the Moon Stone from your bag, and use it on them.

Only Jigglypuff can evolve (into Wigglytuff) through Moon Stones in Scarlet & Violet at launch. Because of that, you may not even need to stock up on them!

You’ll find one Moon Stone in the overworld

A single Moon Stone can be picked up for free in South Province (Area Three): you’ll find the exact location and scenery in the gallery above.

It’s in a pit of sorts, next to a small tree. This could be the only Moon Stone you need.

As one of the rarest stones in the game, other Moon Stones are random drops

You’ll locate other Moon Stones in the Asado Desert as random drops: via “sparkly” treasures on the ground.

The Asado Desert is easy to move around in without locomotion abilities: though we recommend at least unlocking the dash if you’re going hunting.

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