How to get infinite money in Dead Space remake (2023)

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Isaac will not be wanting for upgrades with this trick

Cash can be hard to come by in the Dead Space remake, and money is the fuel by which Isaac Clarke soups up his weapons and suit. But while scarcity and weighing decisions about what to spend those precious credits on is part of the Dead Space experience, you might also just want to fully max out Isaac. That’s where the infinite money exploit comes in.

Maybe it’s New Game Plus and you’re trying to get the brand-new suit level, or maybe you’ve fully beaten the game and are just looking for an easy achievement. No judgement here. But there is an exploit players have found in the Dead Space remake to generate tons upon tons of credits, as long as you follow the straightforward steps. All you need is the Pulse Rifle, some nodes, a Bench, a Shop, and some time.

How to get infinite credits in Dead Space

To start generating money, you’ll need to pick up the Pulse Rifle. This automatic rifle can be picked up as early as Chapter 2, or as soon as you find a Store in New Game Plus.

The alt-fire of the Pulse Rifle can place a proximity mine down, which can then be deactivated and picked back up. This is important, as it lets you unload your ammo and not put it back in your inventory, without losing it.

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The second key part of this Dead Space infinite money exploit is the Bench. Basically, when you upgrade capacity on a weapon, you get a free reload. It’s a very useful trick to know in general (and applies to Isaac’s health as well for free heals), but is especially useful here. We have a way to unload the ammo in our gun without losing it, then refill it.

Those starting to follow along at home will see that this is a potentially endless supply of ammo. And since ammo can be sold for credits, you can use this method to quickly fill up Isaac’s bank account.

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Getting infinite money in Dead Space remake

It’s a bit complicated and takes a few steps and some set-up, but you will, done properly, generate profit over time. Just make sure to keep dumping the free reload, upgrading capacity to get more free ammo, and use the “reset” option on the Bench to get your nodes back. At $5,000 for a reset, you’ll easily make money. Just make sure you keep a fund of $5k in your account to keep repeating it.

Is this sporting for the necromorphs? Absolutely not. But then again, Isaac is just an engineer having a really bad day. He’ll need all the help he can get. That Contact Beam is not going to upgrade itself.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter