How to get the Contact Beam in Dead Space Remake 2023

Get to Chapter 4

Dead Space has a lot of weapons to juggle. It can be hard to know where to pick up a few of them; or even discern which ones to use. This dilemma is especially pertinent in the remake, where the team changed up the positioning of some items. Here’s where to find the Contact Beam, and whether or not it’s worth using.

You can find the Contact Beam in Chapter 4 in the Dead Space remake

As soon as Chapter 4 begins, you aren’t too far off from the Contact Beam. Here are all the steps you need to take to get to the Records Office where the item is held.

  • The chapter begins with Isaac in front of the tram. Take it to the bridge.
  • Continue with the story (using guidance with R3 if needed) until you meet with Hammond, who will give you a second level security clearance.
  • Go back into the main atrium (the big room), attempt to open up the security level 2 door, and fight the Brute miniboss.
  • Head to the elevator and go to floor 2.
  • Continue down the hallway until you reach the zone where you don’t have any oxygen. Head into the Records Office (exact location in the gallery above), where you’ll find the Contact Beam on the floor.
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Is the Contact Beam a good weapon?

Short answer? Yes.

Think of the Contact Beam like a railgun. Not only is it incredibly effective at taking down bosses at a safe distance, it fulfills the role of taking out miniboss as well. Its primary fire will continuously siphon ammo to keep a beam going, which is great for surgically slicing off elite parts, or going all-out on a big boss, if you have the ammo and resources to spare.

Its secondary fire is a charged beam that operates more like a traditional railgun. It’s fantastic at whittling down boss health at more than arm’s length. Consider making the Contact Beam your “fourth” weapon, which you’ll bring out whenever something dangerous is coming your way!

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