How to get Hypostatic gear in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV

Find a static to grind some Hypostatic

Final Fantasy XIV has been updated with patch 6.3, bringing some new gear to bulk up your Warrior of Light’s armory. The Hypostatic line is the latest in gear, adding some heavenly fashion and bumps in item level.

Getting Hypostatic gear is fairly straightforward, but how often you can pick them up is another matter. We’ll run you through the basics of where to go, what to do, and how often you can do so here.

Where does Hypostatic gear drop in Final Fantasy XIV?

The Hypostatic gear line is specifically tied to Euphrosyne, a level 90 Alliance raid added in Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.3. Euphrosyne is the second raid of the “Myths of the Realm” quest line, which focuses on the Twelve.

Because of this, the Hypostatic gear drops specifically from running the raid, with pieces of gear appearing after each battle in each Alliance’s treasure coffer. This is where you can start to accumulate your full set, but be warned: there are restrictions, at least at the raid’s outset.

How often can I get a piece of Hypostatic gear?

Since Euphrosyne is a newer raid, the drops for it are limited. Currently, you can only acquire one piece a week from running the Euphrosyne stratum. So while you won’t have to trade tokens to get pieces, you will only get a single piece each week, at least until the restriction is lifted.

This includes Need and Greed rolls, too. So if you get one, you’re done. After time, Square Enix lifts the limit on this, eventually allowing players to run for equipment as often as they’d like. The reset for each week is Tuesday at 1:00 a.m. PT.

An additional set of rewards drop once per week: a pair of Cracked Anthoclusters and a Euphrosyne coin. These can be exchanged for other materials and upgrades back at the marketplace in Radz-at-Han.

So while it might take a while to get a full set, you’ll get plenty of time to spend with the Twelve and their frankly stellar fights. Happy gear hunting!

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter