How to get Forensic Nightmare SMG in Destiny 2

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Getting your hands on the Forensic Nightmare SMG…

As most Destiny 2 players can attest, the process of obtaining high-value weapons can often be a challenging one. However, the method behind obtaining the Forensic Nightmare SMG is far more straightforward, albeit perhaps a bit tedious in nature.

Players should first keep in mind that obtaining the Forensic Nightmare first requires you to own The Witch Queen expansion, so if you haven’t already picked up Bungie’s most recent (to date) expansion, and roamed through the murky mires and unsettling architecture of the Throne World, now’s as good a time as any to get started. (Especially with Lightfall looming on the near horizon.) And of course, be prepared to grind a bit if you aim to find this beauty of a gun in your inventory anytime soon.

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Two Different Approaches, One Shared Result…

Players can find the Forensic Nightmare as a random loot drop as part of participating in any Throne World activity, alongside other weapons present in the Throne World’s current loot pool. Grinding away in patrols, lost sectors, or story missions will usually grant you a decent chance of obtaining this and other weapons.

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Alternatively, if you find yourself having the worst luck in the universe when it comes to weapon drops, fear not. Newcomers to The Witch Queen can always obtain the Forensic Nightmare by speaking with Fynch and completing his “The Gift of Appreciation” quest, which will grant you the weapon.

As an SMG, the Forensic Nightmare won’t do much in the vein of heavy-hitting damage, but its adequate range and decent stability stats marks it as a fairly reliable (although unremarkable) weapon. With a magazine size of 27 bullets and a RPM rate of 600, it’s definitely good for dealing damage quickly at mid-range. Of course, with the new weapon crafting system in mind, you can expand upon and alter these stats in order to tweak this weapon to your liking.

If you’re looking for a strong legendary weapon to take into the field in either PVE or PVP though, there are plenty of better alternative options currently available. The time-to-kill requirement of this weapon, combined with its somewhat slow reloading speed, (depending on your exact build,) can make it often pale in comparison even in contrast to other SMGs. With Lightfall right around the corner, you can almost rest assured that you’ll probably find a more useful weapon to unlock and equip there as well. Have fun out there, guardian…

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