How to get every starter Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

I choose you (and you, and you)!

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In the beginning of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, you will be asked to choose one of three starter Pokemon to begin your adventure with. This is a longstanding tradition of the series, but the starters this generation are so lovable that it can be hard to pick just one. What if you want all of them?

The easiest way to get all the starters is by trading. Typically, fans will breed their starter Pokemon and use them to trade for the other starters. However, if you’d prefer to start the game with all three right away, there is another method for you to use. Keep in mind that you will need an extra Nintendo Switch and another copy of the game, or a friend who owns the game and is willing to help.

How to get every starter in your save file

1: Create a new profile on your Nintendo Switch. This will allow you to start a new save file without deleting your current file.

2: Begin the game normally. Once you can open your main menu, select “Options.” Set Text Speed to “Fast” and Skip Cutscenes to “On.” This will speed up the process (pictured above).

3: Play through the opening act of the game. Select the starter that you want to transfer to your primary save file. Run past all wild Pokemon, you don’t need to catch anyone other than Lechonk during the mandatory tutorial.

4: Continue playing the game until you arrive at the first Pokemon Center. This will unlock trading.

NOTE: If a friend is helping you and you are trading online, you will need access to Nintendo Switch Online on the new profile. To solve this, sign up for the 7-day free trial when your system prompts you to. Make sure you turn off automatic renewal right after, otherwise your credit card will be charged.

5: Trade your starter to your friend or to your other copy of the game. The Pokemon traded for your starter will be lost for good, so make sure it’s something you or your friend won’t mind losing.

6: Select your original Nintendo Switch profile to return to your main save file. Initiate a trade with your friend or your second copy.

7: Trade the starter back to your main account. If a friend has helped you, give them something nice in return!

Repeat this process again, and you will have all three starters accompanying you during your journey in Paldea! All you have to do is delete your save data on the second profile you just created.

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