How to get Crystal Shards in Cult of the Lamb

Find your way to the underwater realm.

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While playing Cult of the Lamb, there’s a lot going on at once. The main goal is to gather followers, which builds up to fighting four mini-bosses, four bosses, and then The One Who Waits. While you’re always working towards that goal, there are a lot of side quests to tick off as well.

Whether one of your followers has made a strange request or you’ve decided to start gathering pieces of the Holy Talismans, you’ll find yourself on missions. Plus, you have to keep your commune running. This means growing and harvesting food, cooking, giving daily sermons, fixing beds, and handling dissenters. It’s easy to spend hours trying to keep it all going.

One of those little ongoing missions is gathering resources from different realms. The marine realm, Anchordeep, is the only place to go hunting for Crystal Shards. Luckily, they aren’t too hard to find. Once you’ve gathered nine followers, you will be able to unlock the door to Anchordeep to begin your adventures.

Anchordeep is an underwater realm full of spikey and explosive jellyfish. One of my favorite things to do is bat the explosive jellyfish into the other enemies. Once you begin your crawl through the various rooms, keep an eye out for the objects on the edges and center. If you haven’t been destroying everything before you leave a room, you’ve been missing out. By destroying grass, structures, rocks, and more, you can gather resources and sometimes even score extra health.

Crystal Shards are one of those resources to gather. Sometimes they will pop out of the rocks as a surprise. They can also be seen growing out of the ground, like the crystals in the top image of this post. Breaking them can give you 2-4 Crystal Shards to add to your inventory.

Once you have gathered enough in your inventory, be ready to gather blueprints in Anchordeep as well. Crystal Shards are used to build these themed decorations to add to your commune. They are just decorative, but decorating is part of the fun. I’m a fan of the Crystal Tree shown below.

That’s it! You will need to make several runs through the realm in order to collect the blueprints and Crystal Shards, but you have to do that anyway in order to beat all of the bosses. Have fun on your dungeon crawl and keep an eye out for the upcoming combat update sometime this year.

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