Chinese Chomping Cabbage Hogwarts Legacy
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How to get Chinese Chomping Cabbage in Hogwarts Legacy

Ouch! The cabbage bit my finger!

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The Chinese Chomping Cabbage in Hogwarts Legacy is a reliable weapon in combat. It will lunge at your opponents, biting their bodies and causing damage.

This distracting herbology item can be helpful in battle, but you will likely have to grow one yourself. Here’s where to find the seeds and how to get a Chinese Chomping Cabbage in Hogwarts Legacy. 

Chinese Chomping Cabbage Hogwarts Legacy location

Chinese Chomping Seed Hogwarts Legacy location
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To be able to grow a Chinese Chomping Cabbage in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll need to buy the seeds from Dogweed and Deathcap. It’s a store located in northern Hogsmeade, almost on the outskirts of the village. Spawn at the North Hogsmeade Floo Powder location and run up the hill across the river to get to the retail location.

Once you’ve arrived, speak to the clerk inside. She sells the Chinese Chomping Seed for 600 Gold. While you’re there, pick up the Fertilizer too, which is used to increase the number of crops harvested during the growing process. You can also purchase Chinese Chomping Cabbages by themselves for 300 Gold. It’s recommended to grow them yourself, however, to save money.

How to grow Chinese Chomping Cabbage

Get back to the Room of Requirement and head over to the Potting Table. Make sure you get one that is at least medium-sized to fit the Chinese Chomping Cabbage. It will take 12 minutes to grow and while the growing process occurs, place the Fertilizer on top to gain more yield.

Once grown, you can then use a Chinese Chomping Cabbage with the other two combat plants to finish Professor Garlick’s second assignment. You can then use Flipendo.

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