How to fix Eye of the Storm mission bug in Starfield

No one likes standing in line at the bank.

How to fix Eye of the Storm mission bug in Starfield featured

Compared to my time in other Bethesda games, I’ve run into far fewer issues with Starfield. But fewer doesn’t mean zero, and problems definitely exist. There’s a peculiar bug reported to show up at the end of the Eye of the Storm mission in Starfield, leaving players wondering how to fix a seemingly endless “Wait for the Transfer Process to Complete” status loop.

Before we continue, note that there are some major spoilers here for the Eye of the Storm quest. It’s before the final mission of the Crimson Fleet questline, and contains some pretty heavy revelations. I’ll assume you’re here because you made it to the GalBank vault deep within the Legacy ship. You’ve inserted the Data Core and have begun to download the credit reserves. The game asked you to “Wait for the Transfer Process to Complete,” but things seemed frozen in time. If so, then it sounds like you got hit by the arresting bug.

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Steps to fix the Eye of the Storm mission bug in Starfield

Some players suggest reloading previous save files before you flip any switches in the room in order to get past the bug. If you have been creating multiple save files throughout the mission, you might be able to fix the problem.

If reloading your save doesn’t work right away, here are some other steps you can attempt:

  • Shut down your game completely and try the reload method again
  • Verify your in-game files if on PC
  • Restart your platform and retry the above steps

Possible fix for PC players

A Starfield player on Reddit may have figured out a solution if you play the game on PC. Reddit user Bulk1212 on the Starfield subreddit suggested these steps:

  • Press the tilde (~) key to open the command console
  • Type ‘SetStage 001EF7F2 500’ and hit the enter key
  • After the objective updates, travel to the UC Vigilance and speak with Commander Ikande

According to them, that should fix the bug. Keep in mind that going this route could jeopardize your achievement progress, so be sure to save beforehand just in case.

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Beyond these steps, there doesn’t seem to be much more you can do but wait. Bethesda’s last patch for Starfield didn’t include a fix for the tricky Eye of the Storm mission bug. The developer is undoubtedly working on more patches, so hopefully, stuck players hear some good news soon.

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