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What is the max level cap in Hogwarts Legacy? – Answered

Level 40

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Hogwarts Legacy has a full on leveling, gear, and talent systems; and the former comes with a hard cap. You’ll top out at level 40, but you absolutely do not need to crack level 40 to beat the main story. Here’s how that all shakes out.

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Level 40 is the max level cap in Hogwarts Legacy

Finishing the core storyline will get you to around level 25 (with a final postgame mission requiring level 34), so if you want to hit the cap, you have some work to do if you haven’t been completing a ton of sidequests or extra content while leveling. The other 15-ish levels can be considered superfluous in regards to the main quest, unless you want to finish the postgame.

If you own the Dark Arts pack, you can grind out multiple rounds of the Dark Arts battle arena for a ton of XP. Or, you could slowly work through all of the game’s sidequests: which come with their own rewards like more spells, gold, and loot. The choice is yours, but the easy way is an option.

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In Hogwarts Legacy, the max level cap is tied to an achievement/trophy

Everyone looking to max out their achievements or go for the platinum trophy will want to make a note: the task “A Forte for Achievement” (a gold trophy on PlayStation) is unlocked by reaching level 40.

If you want to clear everything in that arena, one of the last things you’ll do (alongside of the achievement for finishing a mid-game quest with all four houses) is A Forte for Achievement.

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